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Compost crusher is a raw material crushing facility for organic materials composition Tongda manufactured crusher machine for compost materials processing is structured with material sucking component, screener and crushing room Organic fibrous materials with low water content (less than 15%), such as straws are perfect for this machine

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Chain type fertilizer crusher machine has good crushing effect in fertilizer processingUniformly crushed fertilizer particles,no sticking , No-dust cage mill for fertilizer crushing process is to crush fertilizer particles whose moisture content is under 6%Advanced design and attractive price

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Composted material crushing In this process, you can use a crushing machine to crush the fermented material into powder You should make sure that there is no agglomerated cake in the raw material Crushed materials batching If you want to add some microelements in your powder fertilizer, then you should have a batching machine to do it

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The drum granulation NPK compound fertilizer production process is described below NPK compound fertilizer drum granulation production process , Each batch of materials is proportionally and continuously sent to chain crusher by weighing belt machine for crushing The material is crushed to a certain degree of fineness and sent to the drum .

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As for granules producing process, we manufacture high-quality, and high-output fertilizer machines, such as fertilizer mixer, fertilizer crusher, new type organic fertilizer dedied granulator, fertilizer polishing machine, organic fertilizer screening machine, fertilizer coating machine, and automatic fertilizer packager etc

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Urea crusher is mainly used for fine crushing operations, small urea crusher, this machine can crush a variety of single fertilizer, especially for harder materials Urea crusher has simple and compact structure, good crushing effect, smooth operation and easy cleaning Urea crusher is especially suitable for crushing hard materials such as monoammonium, diammonium and urea

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Compost fertilizer bagging equipment It is the last step to process compost fertilizer The special design inside the powder fertilizer packaging machine can effectively prevent materials blockage Tongda packing scale includes no-bucket bagging machine and single-bucket bagging machine

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Different fertilizer crusher machines to meet your fertilizer production capacity requirements Pulverizing is an important step in a powder fertilizer making line Meanwhile, it plays a key role on the preparation of granulation There are many types of fertilizer pulveriser for your reference in Tongda

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Tongda fertilizer pellet making machine adopts wet granulation to work, so you need to make sure the moisture of the raw materials is between 20% – 40% after fermentation You can prepare the materials by using Tongda high quality compost making machine, fermentation pot, fertilizer crusher machine and mixer Working principle

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Any qualified organic fertilizer must go through the process of composting and fermentation Mixing and crushing The crushing machines include semi-wet material crusher, chain crusher, and hammer crusher The mixing machines include double shafts horizontal mixer, horizontal mixer, single shaft continuous mixer, etc

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2) Crushing Process: The compost lump materials should be grinded before the granulating process But we can leave out crushing process when the compost material is fine enough Vertical chain crusher and double-shaft horizontal crusher, two types of crushing machine can be used to crush lump compost fertilizer raw materials

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Among these machines, the organic fertilizer production equipment mainly consists of compost making machine and machines for deep processing (crushing, screening, granulating, packaging) On the hand, Tongda commits to design and produce manure to fertilizer machines, so as to fully utilize organic waste and create green life

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Compost crusher machine is an important equipment in fertilizer making process Especially in the fertilizer production line, the crushing equipment is playing an irreplaceable role In Tongda compost machinery, fertilizer crusher machine helps you crush the organic materials for better fermentation In the meanwhile, it speed up the fertilizer .

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this type fertilizer granulator machine is twin roller granulator,it can granulate Gypsum,lime,NPK,used in fertilizer plant,also widely used to make granules in chemical industry,rare earth .

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Deliver the qualified particles to organic fertilizer cooling machine, cooling fertilizer particles through natural air or forced air Transport the cooling fertilizer granules to the screen machine The large particles will be crushed by the crusher and then return to the disc material distributor

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NPK fertilizer production line or NPK fertilizer production plant can use various raw materials like Urea, DAP, MOP, KCL,TSP, SSP, ammonium sulphate, phosphate, gypsum, lime, or other materials our npk fertilizer manufacturing plant can produce high quality NPK Compound fertilizer , Capacity: 1-50 ton/hour npk fertilizer manufacturing process, Application: npk compound fertilizer production .

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This half-wet material crusher is applied to crushing fermented materials with high water content, which allows the water content of organic material reach to 25-50% crushing granularity of half wet crusher machine is able to reach the requirements of granulation, in the production process of organic fertilizer, which also can be adjusted in a certain range according to the client’s .

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High moisture raw material crusher machine is an efficient fertilizer crushing machine for high fiber materials with 25% -50% moisture content, with superior stability Read More Hot Sale Products

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※ Crushing Process: The compost lump materials should be ground before the granulating process But we can leave out crushing process when the compost material is fine enough Vertical chain crusher and double-shaft horizontal crusher, two types of crushing machine can be used to crush lump compost fertilizer raw materials

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Introduction of Super Chain Crusher Machine Fertilizer chain crusher has a wide application It can be used in animal manure fertilizer manufacturing process, NPK fertilizer production line, Urea fertilizer production project etc It shred large lump materials into small ,

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The chicken manure production technology process is closely bound up with the equipment of its production line Generally the complete set of equipment of fertilizer production line is compose of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization system, dust removal system, crushing system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system .

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Introduction of Super Chain Mill Crusher Machine Fertilizer chain mill crusher has a wide application It can be used in animal manure fertilizer manufacturing process, NPK fertilizer production line, Urea fertilizer production project etc It shred large lump materials into small pieces, or crush granule fertilizers into small powder

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We supply all kinds of fertilizer machine and organic fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production line, Fertilizer Granulating production line, provide fertilizer process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, with full one-stop servic

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Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology CoLtd is a modern high-tech comprehensive manufacturing enterprise in China It has developed and produced the suitable equipment for the organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer production, such as the compost equipment, drying equipment, granulating equipment, screening systems and batching systems, and a full set of fertilizer equipment

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We are leading manufacturer of fertilizer equipment in China,we produce compost turning machine,crushing machine ,mixer machine,granulating machine ,dryer and cooler machine,screening machine,coating machine and packing machine , Poultry manure organic fertilizer disc granulation process

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Tongda fertilizer crusher machines for organic fertilizer production lines Before composting process: Some organic materials need to be crushed before they go through the composting processThus, there is a important point that you should know: dry organic materials and wet organic materials ought to be processed by different fertilizer crusher machin

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Automated organic fertilizer fermentation pot of organic waste to fertilizer machine made by Tongda for your waste compost making The fermentation pot is suitable for the treatment of organic waste, poultry manure, mushroom waste, etc Equipped it for your fertilizer plants, you can only spend 10 hours to complete the harmless treatment process

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If you asked this question for getting suggestion to start an organic fertilizer business, I think my answer will be a little help To be short, I’ll sum up the detailed processes of making organic pellet fertilizers 1 Composting raw materials .

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The blender machine can be used in commercial organic fertilizer production and home-use blending process Inclined Belt Conveyor Inclined conveyor system can be used to move a variety of product sizes, shapes and weights effectively for long lengths with a single drive

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The double rotors manure crushing machine pulverizes organic materials twice, making sure fineness of powders There is a screen inside semi-wet manure materials grinder Thus, the wet manure will not block machine and even affect your fertilizer production It is applicable for you to adjust the fineness of manure powders you want